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Panama City Surgery Center

Preparing For Surgery

General Pre-Operative Information

You should already have the instructions from your  physician listing do's and dont's before your day of surgery.  Please read your instructions carefully and follow any pre-op advice to assure your surgery can be performed as scheduled.  Instructions will differ depending on the type of anesthesia you will be given at the time of your procedure with regards to what you can eat, drink and whether you can take prescribed medications.  Please note, if you become ill within a 48 hour period before your surgery, such as a fever, cold, intestinal issues, or suspect you might be pregnant, notify your medical provider or call our pre-op staff for instructions.  


Instructions for General Anesthesia Patients

1. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before surgery.  Also, do not chew gum or smoke . You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery, but do not swallow any water.

2.  Avoid alcohol and tobacco use 24 hours before surgery.

3. For your comfort, please shower or bathe the evening before or morning of your surgery.

4.  Do not wear lotion, perfume, cologne,  or nail polish.

5.   Please bring storage containers for your eye glasses, contact lenses, and dentures. These items will need to be removed during your procedure but may be needed prior to your surgery to complete paperwork. 

6.  Check with your physician on whether or not you should avoid medicines such as anti-inflammatories,  vitamins or herbal supplements  - some of these should be avoided up to 2 weeks prior to surgery.

7.  Detailed medication instructions will be provided during your pre-op call from our nursing department.  Please enter a complete list of your current medications on the patient portal.

8.  Follow your physicians instructions with regards to any special prep or medications given to you prior to surgery.

9. ALL minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian who must remain at our facility  for the duration of your surgery and post-op periods.

10. Please leave valuables (jewelry, electronics, purses, etc.) at home or with your designated caretaker as we cannot be held responsible for lost or misplaced items.  



You should make arrangements for someone over 18 years of age to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours following any surgical procedure.  It will benefit you if this person or someone else in your household can also keep any personal items you have brought to your appointment such as your I.D., Medical Power of Attorney, daily medications (particularly for diabetic patients or those with special medical needs unrelated to their surgery).  A staff member will discuss discharge instructions with your accompanying family member or friend whom you have designated to receive this information, once you have reached an appropriate level of recovery. 


Patients Receiving Only Local Anesthesia

You should follow most of the instructions list for General Anesthesia patients with a few exceptions to food and drink prior to your surgery.  Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions carefully, complete the forms on our patient portal and expect a call from our pre-op nursing department.

Please read our Instructions and advice for Post-Op under the "After Your Surgery" tab.