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Panama City Surgery Center


Urology is a medical field specialty that deals with diseases and conditions relating to male and female urinary-tract systems and the male reproductive organs.  Also known as genitourinary surgery with subspecialities in Pediatric and Female urology, the Urologists in our area are among the best in the South.  Surgery involving the kidneys, bladder, urethra, and prostrate have benefited from the advancements of laser and robotic techniques that allow physicians to target the precise area of concern of these sensitive organs, thereby eliminating long term negative effects of older surgical methods.  Today's Urologists are able to save the organ in many cases which previously had to be removed, leaving patients with few choices other than an ostomy bag and a diminished quality of life.

Many of our urologists at Panama City Surgery Center specialize in robotic assisted and laser surgery. 




** Physicians who provide robotic surgery
** Physicians who provide laser surgery