Due to the effects of Hurricane Michael, Panama City Surgery Center is closed until further notice. We will work to notify our patients of resuming our regular operations as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Payroll will be processed this week (October 15-19). Should you have any questions or concerns, contact Angie Frost at (850) 819-3915.

After Your Surgery

Post-Op Instructions and Advice

Recovery time will vary  depending on what type of procedure you have had and your overall  health.  For safety reasons we will escort each patient exiting our  facility to their transportation (some patients must be escorted by  wheelchair depending on type of anesthesia and surgery). 

Please remember, you will not be allowed to drive following any procedure and arrangements for a responsible adult or legal guardian to provide transportation after your surgery is required.  

Follow your physicians instructions with regards to when you can begin taking daily medications again. You should also follow any advice with regards to limitations of food or drink following your surgery.  Some patients will also receive specific instructions about dressings or bandages at the surgical site, including any topical medications to be used and whether or not to avoid getting the area wet for a period of time. 

Be sure to keep contact information close at hand for your doctor and our staff in case you need further instructions pertaining to your post-operative care and concerns.  Our desire is for your experience with Panama City Surgery Center  to be as comfortable and efficient as possible and we appreciate the trust you have placed in our facility and it's personnel.